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The ability to enter into relationships with people and the uniqueness of the environments make up the character of each Arclinea product. Everything has been thought before being manufactured. From the idea, to the project, to the production. Arclinea, in this way, values everything that it does. An appreciation that can be seen, touched and felt. And adjust to your own taste. Each kitchen is unique and each environment represents an ideal world that is possible to realize. In which everything goes perfectly. In which the love for good food is satisfied. In which space, time and the pleasure of sharing finally recover their dimension.


Relationship. It means not knowing how to imagine a kitchen without people. That give him life, form and animation. It means establishing a link, in which it is the kitchen that adapts to man and not the other way around. In a world full of things to look at, Arclinea creates kitchens to play. The kitchen adapts to man and not the other way around. Every product derives from this concept, every idea is modelled towards that end. Through a project that articulates the demands and redistributes the spaces, considering the customs, rituals and uses of the kitchen, to reach unprecedented solutions, to surprising details.


At Arclinea we are committed to open collaboration and without barriers with architects and interior designers. Working from the beginning of projects and with great complicity has always been a sign of great cohesion, deep understanding and great success. The collaboration with the professionals and the development of projects together, has helped to create an environment full of aesthetic and functional sense. Getting the kitchen project to integrate successfully in the environmental composition of the home is essential, given that the concept of housing today revolves more around it. A good kitchen study is synonymous with understanding the client, knowing how he lives, how he thinks and how he enjoys home.

Functionality and technology Innovative contents that translate into unique operational benefits. Professional hoods with high suction capacity (up to 1500 m3 / h), hoods, integrated with remote motor to leave outside the source of noise, shelves, exclusive equipped sinks, accessories for the organization of the drawers, domestic greenhouse to grow aromatic plants, heat infrared food and hotplate that preserves dishes at 40°C.

Project of spaces. Architectural solutions at the service of the space that welcomes them. A careful project uses and organizes the available space in the best possible way, with comfortable column elements closed pantry with sliding doors, Closet equipped with swing doors with 180 ° opening, column elements up to 237cm high, easy to access with integrated ladder on rail, the Mini-Appliances-Container and the Walk-In-Closet.

Ergonomics. Everything in its place, each function at the height of the benefits. Always in search of the correct location of appliances, countertops and appliances, in order to facilitate work, vision and movements. Very comfortable handles, baseboards, correct lighting systems of the technical area and the column elements, different heights and depths of the countertops, tall benches, tables of variable height and dishwasher in column element.

Materials and finishes Careful selections, painstaking work, unique projects. Great care when selecting materials and when working them. Handmade details, such as the built-in handle of the Italia model and the internal chamfer of the countertops in AISI 304 stainless steel, better known as 18/8 stainless steel. Body finishes: okoumé (stratified waterproof marine plywood) or melamine flanged with polyurethane glue (resistant to water and heat up to 150°C) and rim. Variety of materials for countertops: quartz, marble, stainless steel and laminate (made of water-repellent agglomerated wood and laminated HPL). Doors provided with exclusive bumpers.

Guarantee and quality Constant search for excellence. Thanks to the high reliability of Arclinea, products with a 5 year warranty against original defects. Development of quality from the project, through the careful selection of materials and finished products, and thanks to physical / mechanical tests carried out by the laboratory team of the company and in external certified laboratories.


Working on Contract projects has always been an enriching experience, contact with large companies and the professional relationship established with its technicians, without doubt helps to mould a special character that is essential to understand the idiosyncrasies of Contract works . Undoubtedly our team with more than a hundred works carried out and more than 15 years of experience, is undoubtedly a guarantee of knowledge and reliability.

Experience. It means being aware that perfection does not exist but also that everything can be improved. From this know-how derive products that express highly functional technical values, consistent with the values of use. The best experience, after all, is the one that knows how to look at things inside. It means knowing how to distinguish what is beautiful from what is beautiful and successful. Thanks to the ideas and the project, but also merit of the production. Nothing has to end in itself. Throughout the years, Arclinea has always made kitchens with an important aesthetic content respecting the way of being and who should use them. Each of which specially produced for who chose it. Because of its uniqueness Innovation. It means a technological investigation as close as possible to the specific needs. It means providing the space that functions need in absolute comfort. It means to exalt the qualities and characteristics of the materials used by applying them where they reach the maximum performance: technical and emotional.

Innovation represents a starting point, represents the strictest but also the most exciting aspect of the Arclinea product. It means conceiving the value of an idea in its not having been still thought, developed or realized. The new represents simply a space to be filled with passion, creativity, reflection, love for the details, for the design and, of course, for the human being.

Working with Arclinea is a very positive experience. All the time we have the feeling of being part of a great team and the results are proof of that.

I love the aesthetics of arclinea, their way of using steel. I think there is no other brand of kitchen design with an aesthetic as professional as arclinea has.

Arclinea gives me the aesthetics of a professional kitchen but with the comfort of a home kitchen.

For me the kitchen has to be cosy and Arclinea offers it to me without a trace of doubt.

Cooking on steel is fantastic!

Arclinea transmits functionality and beauty, with an unwavering commitment to perfection in the details.

Arclinea is a family business. I had the chance to know the company and the humanity and hospitality of the family and the staff are awesome.

In arclinea Barcelona you find people willing to help you, advise and accompany you in all phases of the project.

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